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Hello, reader! I am Karthik working as a DiT from last 4 years. With my time, I have developed scalable and maintainable test frameworks for both API and UI in programming languages like Java and Python.
During my initial days, I clearly remember struggling with understanding engineering concepts and implementing test automation code for the simplest of things. I had to learn on the job like most of us.
The inspiration for starting test cult is to create a knowledge base for testers. Starting from engineering concepts, simple code samples to complex automation frameworks with continuous testing catering to all skill levels.
I would love to collaborate and open the platform for like minded individuals.
All things said, I hope the articles and tutorials will add value to you. Suggestions and feedbacks towards improvement are welcome.

My view on test automation

Maintaining automated tests not only help in faster product development cycles without compromising on quality but also reduces the total effort required on the whole team to achieve it. Often times testing team becomes a bottleneck in the development cycle because of heavy reliance on manual verification.
Role of a tester is to get out of developer's way instead of coming in.
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